1. Burnett Sisters: Teen Age Widow
    Burnett Sisters

  2. Flying Wedge: Come to My Casbah b/w I Can't Believe
    Flying Wedge

  3. LaVice & Company: Thoughs Were the Days b/w Yes I Do
    LaVice & Company

  4. Eccentric Soul: The Saadia Label
    Various Artists

  5. The Creation: Action Painting
    The Creation

  6. The Creation: Making Time b/w Making Time (Instrumental)
    The Creation

  7. The Shades: Tell Me Not to Hurt
    The Shades

  8. The Belles: Melvin
    The Belles

  9. Alex Johnson: Operation Oasis
    Alex Johnson

  10. Salty Miller: Album #1
    Salty Miller

  11. Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli
    Various Artists

  12. Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label
    Various Artists

  13. Tommy McGee: Now That I Have You b/w Stay With Me
    Tommy McGee

  14. The Monzas: Hey! I Know You
    The Monzas

  15. Gospel Hawaiianaires: The Songs Of Bill & Jean Bradway
    Bill & Jean Bradway

  16. Ralph Williams & John Mixon Duo: Doing What You Wanna Do
    The Ralph Williams & John Mixon Duo

  17. Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From the Canyon
    Various Artists

  18. Shanghai'd Soul: Episode 4
    Various Artists

  19. Bobo Yéyé: Belle Epoque in Upper Volta
    Various Artists

  20. Dry Bread: Yamar b/w Words to My Song
    Dry Bread

  21. Them Two: Am I A Good Man b/w Love Has Taken Wings
    Eccentric Soul 45s

  22. Little Ed: & The Soundmasters
    Little Ed & The Soundmasters

  23. Blonde Redhead: Masculin Féminin
    Blonde Redhead

  24. Viscojon Records
    Various Artists

  25. Afterschool Special: 123s of Kid Soul
    Various Artists

  26. Cheap Nasties: 53rd & 3rd
    Cheap Nasties

  27. The Scientists: A Place Called Bad
    The Scientists

  28. Are You Ready for The Chapells?
    The Chapells

  29. Eccentric Soul: Sitting in the Park
    Various Artists

  30. Young Senators: Jungle b/w That’s The Way It Is
    Young Senators

  31. Young Senators: Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Pt. 1 b/w Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Pt. 2
    Young Senators

  32. I Need That Record: The Tweeds Anthology
    The Tweeds

  33. White Zombie: It Came from N.Y.C.
    White Zombie

  34. Joanna Brouk: Hearing Music
    Joanna Brouk

  35. Blonde Redhead: Peel Sessions
    Blonde Redhead

  36. Los Alamos Grind: !!!
    Various Artists

  37. Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music
    Various Artists

  38. Notations: I’m For Real b/w That Girl

  39. Plaint
    Jeff Cowell

  40. Group From Lutheran East: From the Files of Lonely Hearts (Take 1) b/w From the Files of Lonely Hearts (Take 3)
    Group From Lutheran East

  41. Unknown Artist: Cemetary
    Unknown Artist

  42. Entertainment: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Various Artists

  43. The Shades: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town b/w Prancer's Got Some Red Spots
    The Shades

  44. Strangulation b/w Temptress

  45. Ork Records: New York, New York
    Various Artists

  46. Edge Of Daybreak: Eyes of Love
    Edge of Daybreak

  47. Otis Brown: I’ve Got Another b/w Southside Chicago
    Otis Brown

  48. Express Rising
    Express Rising

  49. Trevor Dandy: Is There Any Love
    Trevor Dandy

  50. Alfonso Lovo: La Gigantona
    Alfonso Lovo

  51. I'm Under Your Spell b/w Sunshine Lady
    Mind & Matter

  52. Peel Sessions

  53. Unwound: Empire

  54. Goliath: Hot Rock & Thunder

  55. My Sentiments b/w Missing You
    Universal Togetherness Band

  56. Perk Badger: Do Your Stuff Pt. 1 b/w Do Your Stuff Pt. 2
    Perk Badger

  57. Royal Jesters: English Oldies
    Royal Jesters

  58. Blood Red River
    The Scientists

  59. The Scientists
    The Scientists

  60. Complete Twinight Singles
    Syl Johnson

  61. Saved & Sanctified: Songs Of The Jade Label
    Various Artists

  62. White Eyes
    White Eyes

  63. Bedhead: Live In Chicago

  64. Lows In The Mid Sixties - Volume 54: Kosmic City Part 2
    Various Artists

  65. Funka Fize: Because You’re Funky b/w No Words
    Funka Fize

  66. Still Here: 1967-1973
    The Notations

  67. Ultra High Frequencies: The Chicago Party
    Various Artists

  68. This Is It!
    Alan Watts

  69. Lucky Strikes & Liquid Gold
    Jeff Cowell

  70. Universal Togetherness Band
    Universal Togetherness Band

  71. Donnell Pitman: Burning Up b/w The Taste Of Honey
    Donnell Pitman

  72. Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose
    Jordan De La Sierra

  73. Jesus Wayne: Chicago Party Theme b/w Instrumental
    Jesus Wayne

  74. Jesus Wayne: Rush b/w You Bring Me Up
    Jesus Wayne

  75. Saturday Night b/w More Than Enough
    Universal Togetherness Band

  76. Bedhead: 1992-1998

  77. Beheaded

  78. Transaction de Novo

  79. Bulbous Creation: You Won't Remember Dying
    Bulbous Creation

  80. Local Customs: Cavern Sound
    Various Artists

  81. Unwound: No Energy

  82. You Won't Believe It
    The Sensational Saints

  83. Tinmine - Soul Supply
    Various Artists

  84. Sandstone: Can You Mend a Silver Thread?

  85. Music From The Mountain Provinces: Recorded In The Philippines By David Blair Stiffler
    Various Artists

  86. Little Boy Blues: Nothing Left To Say
    Little Boy Blues

  87. The Waves of Evernow

  88. Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label
    Various Artists

  89. Out of Sights: Tears Don't Care Who Cries b/w For the Rest of My Life
    Out of Sights

  90. Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul
    Various Artists

  91. Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label Bonus LP
    Various Artists

  92. Ned Doheny: Separate Oceans
    Ned Doheny

  93. South Side Story - Vol. 23
    Various Artists

  94. Josefus: Dead Man

  95. Unwound: Rat Conspiracy

  96. Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles
    Various Artists

  97. Family Circle
    Family Circle

  98. Bump And The Soul Stompers: I Can Remember b/w Standing On The Outside
    Bump And The Soul Stompers

  99. Calvin Harris: Love’s Recipe b/w Wives Get Lonely Too
    Calvin Harris

  100. Master Plan Inc.: Try It (You’ll Like It) b/w Intro
    Master Plan Inc.

  101. Mind & Matter: 1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement)
    Mind & Matter

  102. Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound
    Various Artists

  103. Unnatural Funk Band: Strange Happenings b/w Living in the Past
    Unnatural Funk Band

  104. WhatFunLifeWas

  105. Gently Down Your Stream
    The Four Mints

  106. I Love You b/w I’m Broke
    Herman Jones

  107. If You See Me b/w Games
    94 East

  108. Move With Love
    Kathy Heideman

  109. Centaura: Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawd

  110. Unwound: Kid Is Gone

  111. Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label
    Various Artists

  112. I Want To Live High

  113. Express Rising
    Express Rising

  114. Fixed Rope
    Express Rising

  115. Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey & The Soul Generation
    Mickey & The Soul Generation

  116. Celestial Soul Portrait

  117. Deep Night
    The Sixth Station

  118. King Bullard Version: Songs Of The BOS Label
    Various Artists

  119. Brown Bombers & Soul Partners: Wait For Me b/w Just Fun
    Brown Bombers & Soul Partners

  120. James Dockery: My Faith In You Is All Gone b/w Giving You The Love You Need
    Eccentric Soul 45s

  121. Young Souls: Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come b/w Puppet On A String
    The Young Souls

  122. Good God! Apocryphal Hymns
    Various Artists

  123. Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label
    Various Artists

  124. Signs Of The Time: Hurts So Bad b/w I Think Of You
    Signs of the Time

  125. Medusa: First Step Beyond

  126. The Lewis Connection: S/T
    The Lewis Connection

  127. Cave Dwellers: Run Around
    The Cave Dwellers

  128. Pretty: Mustache in Your Face

  129. Wicked Lester: You Are Doomed
    Wicked Lester

  130. Live Leaves

  131. Eccentric Soul: Omnibus
    Various Artists

  132. Penny & The Quarters: You And Me b/w Some Other Love
    Penny & The Quarters

  133. Trinikas: Black Is Beautiful b/w Remember Me

  134. Circuit Rider
    Circuit Rider

  135. Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago
    Various Artists

  136. Buttons: Starter Kit
    Various Artists

  137. When I See The Sun (Demos & Live Cuts)

  138. Eccentric Soul: A Red Black & Green Production
    Various Artists

  139. WTNG 89.9 - Solid Bronze
    Various Artists

  140. Renee Acker: If I Had A Magic Wand
    Renee Acker

  141. Lou Ragland: I Travel Alone
    Lou Ragland

  142. Love Apple
    Love Apple

  143. Memphis Soul: Don't Down Me People Pt. 1 b/w Don't Down Me People Pt. 2
    Memphis Soul

  144. Shirley Ann Lee: Songs Of Light
    Shirley Ann Lee

  145. Los Nombres: Los Nombres
    Los Nombres

  146. Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels
    Various Artists

  147. Spirit Free: Plays Starship
    Spirit Free

  148. Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, OH
    Various Artists

  149. Stone Coal White
    Stone Coal White

  150. Reverb LTD: Please Love Me (Stereo) b/w Please Love Me (Mono)
    Reverb LTD

  151. Father's Children: Who's Gonna Save The World
    Father's Children

  152. Local Customs: Burned at Boddie
    Various Artists

  153. Cult Cargo: Salsa Boricua De Chicago
    Various Artists

  154. Willie Wright: Telling the Truth
    Willie Wright

  155. Deacons & Fabulous Fascinators Feat. The Royal Revue: Sock It To Me b/w Is It Because I’m Black
    Deacons & Fabulous Fascinators

  156. Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology
    Syl Johnson

  157. Eccentric Breaks & Beats

  158. Four Mints: No Longer b/w Endlessly
    Four Mints

  159. Boddie Acetate Box
    Various Artists

  160. Local Customs: Low Star Lowlands
    Various Artists

  161. Bruner: Songs for a Friend
    Linda Bruner

  162. Elyse Weinberg: Greasepaint Smile
    Elyse Weinberg

  163. Good God! Born Again Funk
    Various Artists

  164. Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes
    Various Artists

  165. Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday
    24-Carat Black

  166. Caroline Peyton: Intuition
    Caroline Peyton

  167. Caroline Peyton: Mock Up
    Caroline Peyton

  168. Pisces: A Lovely Sight

  169. Eccentric Soul: Smart's Palace
    Various Artists

  170. Local Customs: Downriver Revival
    Various Artists

  171. Niela Miller: Songs Of Leaving
    Niela Miller

  172. Light: On The South Side
    Various Artists

  173. Ant Hill Mob: The Number Runner
    Ant Hil Mob

  174. Titan: It's All Pop!

  175. You Can Fly On My Aeroplane

  176. Final Solution: Brotherman OST
    The Final Solution

  177. Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples
    Various Artists

  178. ! אצללה ֙ Soul Messages From Dimona
    Various Artists

  179. Renaldo Domino: I’ll Get You Back b/w Two Years, Four Days
    Renaldo Domino

  180. Triads: Now I Can Hold My Head Up High b/w If You’re Looking For Love

  181. Don't Stop: Recording Tap
    Various Artists

  182. Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City
    Various Artists

  183. Boscoe

  184. Johnny Lunchbreak: Appetizer / Soup's On
    Johnny Lunchbreak

  185. Propinquity: Propinquity

  186. Eddie Ray: Wait A Minute b/w Wait A Minute (Instrumental)
    Eddie Ray

  187. The Rollers: Knockin’ At The Wrong Door b / w One Little Piece
    The Rollers

  188. Home Schooled: The ABCs Of Kid Soul
    Various Artists

  189. M.A.S.O.: Poon Tang Thump Pt. 1 b/w Poon Tang Thump Pt. 2

  190. Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label
    Various Artists

  191. Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay
    Various Artists

  192. Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation
    Various Artists

  193. Catherine Howe: What A Beautiful Place
    Catherine Howe

  194. Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up
    Various Artists

  195. Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg
    Various Artists

  196. Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
    Various Artists

  197. Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label
    Various Artists

  198. Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label
    Various Artists

  199. Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label
    Various Artists

  200. Fern Jones: The Glory Road
    Fern Jones

  201. Leaves Turn Inside You

  202. Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels
    Various Artists

  203. A Single History: 1991-1997

  204. Damn It All
    Rob Galbraith

  205. First Annual: Inner-City Talent Expo
    Various Artists

  206. Knights of Dreams

  207. Photograph Attached
    Circuit Rider

  208. Positive-Negative
    Tommy McGee

  209. Summer Brings the Sunshine
    Jimmy Carter & The Dallas County Green

  210. Challenge For a Civilized Society

  211. Repetition

  212. Unwound

  213. The Future of What

  214. New Plastic Ideas

  215. Fake Train

  216. Flynn Thomas: Dangerous Friends
    Flynn Thomas

  217. White Zombie: Gods on Voodoo Moon
    White Zombie

  218. Iron & Ice
    Jeff Cowell

  219. Karriem: I Love You

  220. Rhythm of Life
    Don Slepian

  221. Guilty: The Tap Recordings
    Jackie Stoudemire

  222. Invisible Wind: The Tap Recordings
    Arnie Love & The Lovelettes

  223. New Dawn
    Don Slepian

  224. Open Spaces
    Don Slepian

  225. Sea Of Bliss: New Music For Digital Orchestra
    Don Slepian

  226. Sea of Bliss: The Original Classic Electronic Space Music
    Don Slepian

  227. Bert Keely: Take Me Home
    Bert Keely

  228. Ethel-Ann Powell: The Elephant Patch
    Ethel-Ann Powell

  229. Mind Storm
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  230. Chuck Senrick: Dreamin'
    Chuck Senrick

  231. Transcendental Music for Meditation
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  232. Doug Firebaugh: Performance One
    Doug Firebaugh

  233. Jeff Harrington: Quiet Corner
    Jeff Harrington

  234. Music of the Godhead for Supernatural Meditation
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  235. Psychic Meditation Music
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  236. Guitar Grimoire
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  237. Sandy Harless: Songs
    Sandy Harless

  238. Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  239. Occult Concert
    Master Wilburn Burchette

  240. Rob Carr & Bill Kahl: Communication 1
    Rob Carr & Bill Kahl

  241. Trevor Dandy: Don't Cry Little Tree
    Trevor Dandy

  242. The Eptones: A Love That's Real b/w No One Else But You
    The Eptones


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