1. Eccentric Soul
  2. Cult Cargo
  3. Local Customs
  4. Good God!
  5. Eccentric Soul 45s
  6. 700 Line
  7. Buttons
  8. Numerophon
  9. 1200 Line
  10. Numbero
  11. Asterisk
  12. Cali-Tex
  13. Ork Records
    New York, New York
  14. Bobo Yéyé
    Burkina Faso
  15. Noise Addict
    Sydney, Australia
  16. The Creation
  17. Purple Snow
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  18. Jeff Cowell
  19. Boddie Recording Company
    Cleveland, Ohio
  20. White Zombie
    New York, New York
  21. Ultra-High Frequencies
    Chicago, Illinois
  22. Ned Doheny
    Malibu, California
  23. Joanna Brouk
  24. Jordan De La Sierra
  25. The Scientists
    Perth, Australia
  26. Universal Togetherness Band
    Chicago, Illinois
  27. Royal Jesters
    San Antonio, Texas
  28. Master Wilburn Burchette
  29. Edge Of Daybreak
    Richmond, Virginia
  30. Blonde Redhead
    New York, New York
  31. Tap Records
    New York, New York
  32. Don Slepian
  33. David Casper
    Seattle, Washington
  34. Lou Ragland
    Cleveland, Ohio
  35. Unwound
  36. Syl Johnson
    Chicago, Illinois
  37. Pepper's Jukebox
    Chicago, Illinois
  38. Willie Wright
    Nantucket, Massachusetts
  39. Medusa
    Chicago, Illinois
  40. Mind & Matter
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  41. Alfonso Lovo
    Managua, Nicaragua
  42. Codeine
    New York, New York
  43. Iasos
  44. Catherine Howe
    England, UK
  45. Fern Jones
  46. The Final Solution
    Chicago, Illinois
  47. Father's Children
    Washington, D.C.
  48. Pisces
    Rockford, Illinois
  49. 24-Carat Black
    Chicago, Illinois
  50. Bedhead
    Dallas, Texas
  51. Express Rising
    Chicago, Illinois


Numero Group Chicago, Illinois

The Numero Group is a Chicago-based record label, dedicated to the preservation and celebration of lesser-known artists. Our exploration spans the globe and reaches deep into the recesses of music history, with the sole intent of rediscovering neglected songs deserving of another spin. ... more

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